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Over 40 dating tips for divorced separated men

Are you newly divorced or separated?  Have you decided to start looking for love?  Lots of women think there is not any decent men who are over 40 and divorced it is up to you to prove to them this is not the case.  No matter what age you are going on a date is exciting you go along with great expectations and perceptions about the possibilities of your date going well and finding your soul=mate

Going through the divorce process is very a drawing exhausting experience it can really knock you confidence.

When you split up it can feel as though your heart has been ripped out if your wife has cheated on you.  If you are left in the house all by yourself the house will seem so big and quite.  This will pass within time.

You are still young enough in your 40s to move on and find love once again.  Life moves and so can you.

There is lots of good looking women out there and so why don’t you enjoy yourself and go out there and meet them.

Your wife might have criticised you, she might have put you down.  Not all women are like this.  You have lots of things people out there that people like about you feel proud of yourself and have fun looking for someone who is going to enjoy spending time with you.

Women know there are not so many decent single men in their 40s who are solvent and a good catch.  If you have been in a relationship for a while a lot of single women will know you have staying power.  Single women out there will want to invest their time and efforts in you.

Are you ready to start dating again it is possible you might need to get over your break up from your wife before you move on to yourMan over 40 dating tips advice next relationship.  If you do not sort yourself out mentally you will end up getting hurt again.

You want to end up with someone who is attractive to you and someone who is fun to be around.  It is important you know what sort of person you want to be with and you go out and get her.

Make sure you are not old before your time.  Possibly change your wardrobe and change your hair style.  Your wife might not have found you attractive because you look old fashioned and you do not take care of yourself, women do notice and if a woman is a fussy about her looks she will be fussy about the type of man she has on her arm.

It is important to date a woman who shares similar interests to you, you need

someone who you can converse with and have fun with.  It is important that you can chat to the date over the phone or via e-mail without it being too much of a strain and effort.

Do not get upset if your dating efforts do not go according to plan first of all, be geared up for rejection and disappointment.  Life is a roller coaster and you have to get on it to enjoy and appreciate the journey and experience.

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Single women over 40 who have never married

Some of us might judge a spinster, we might think there is something wrong with a single woman in her 40s who has never been married this is an old fashioned point of view.  Some women have been living with a man or they might have been engaged in the past and decided not to take the plunge and get married.

Years ago in was more inappropriate for a single woman to enter a bar all by herself now days women can go and do what they want being_single_having_moneythey are more independent.  Lots of single women in their 40s who have never married have their own careers, businesses, cars and houses.  Women are more confident and lots of them will stand up to most men and tell them exactly what they think of them.

Having children is not for everyone

A single lady who has not had children might not be for selfish it is possible she might not be able to have children, she might have had a bad childhood her mother might have been a poor example of a parent  or for some other unselfish reason she has chosen not to have children.  She might not have had a permanent relationship with a man for long enough to want to bring kids into this world with.  She might have an illness or disability and so she does not want to inflict the mental pain or suffering on a child even though she might wantBeing over 40 with kids children.

A woman in her 40s who has never had children might have chosen not to because they have chosen to go down the career root it might be one they regret later on.  An employee can drop you.  When you or the company is doing well they will love you when it does not and you have to take the rap for it.

Being single over 40 and seen the world

Some women in their 40s might have chosen to travel and see something of the world.  They may love experiencing different cultures and ways of doing things.  They might like living life to the full and enjoying the better things in life, feeling the sun on their backs.  They might one day decide to settle down however if you have been foot loose and fancy free it is more difficult to settle down and site down behind a desk every day and spend the cold dark winters at home when you have followed the sun.

A single woman in her 40s and her previous relationships

Relationships are about two people working together and working through life’s ups and downs.  If a woman has not found someone in her 40s who is a suitable partner she is a woman who knows what she wants and has made the right choice not to become lumbered with someone who is not suitable.  She is not repenting later on and living life with baggage like some women in her age group who have chosen the wrong man.

Some women who are single in their 40s have just chosen the wrong man or men.  It is possible they are terrible at judging a man’s character they fall in love too easily.  This might be because of the examples of men she has had brought her up.  Men in her family or friends who are close to her are poor examples of men.

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Dating men over 40 – Things to do and what not to do

Men when they are aged over 40 have had a few relationships in their time.  Some they wish to remember and some they wish to forget.  They would have picked up a few emotional balls and chains possibly.  It can sometimes be a challenge for a woman to understand the man she is dating and trying to form a relationship with.

Are you in a worse situation than everyone else?  No man in his forties is going to want to listen to you if you are a continuous moaner, you moan about your ex your kids your job.  No one wants to be around one of life’s victims.  People want to hang out with positive people.  It is a survival mechanism we all have.  We take on people’s attitude and moods from people we are with.

Establish what qualities a man would be attracted to in you:  Everyone has certain qualities in themselves, find your qualities, things you are good at.  Do you do lot of things for others?  Have you got a lot friends?  What makes them want to hang out with you?

Setting your standards:  Think about the type of man who would interest you.  If you are very fussy why date someone who is slap dash?  If you are interested in fitness why date someone who is a couch potato?  It is obvious however if a man’s look or some Finding the right match is the key to long-term relationshipother attribute outweighs other major failings in his character than a single lady who is lonely might overlook his failings if they irritate you after a short time than they will become major headaches later on in your relationship.

All men over the age of 40 love a lady:  A lady is woman who you would be proud to have on your arm.  She is not going to say some ridiculous thing in front of people you hang out with.  She is going to be the type of woman you could take home to meet your mother.  She tries to look her best.  She does not drink in excess in public.  She does not look cheap.  A lady a man in would like to take out in his forties is feminine.  She takes care of her hair her teeth she smells nice.

If you have problems in your relationship fix them:  When you are in your forties it is sometimes easy to walk away however the journey of finding someone who is honest and trustworthy can be a lot more difficult.  Instead of moaning about your relationship sit down and discuss it with your man.  Dating does not just happen when you first meet.  You should still be dating when you are married.  Pay attention to your man and make sure he notices you.  Make sure you are not Mrs Cellophane woman and your man looks straight through you make sure he knows you are there.  If you are not happy with something in your relationship tell him.  Make sure it does not just bubble away like a pressure cooker.  Do not be a victim, too many people in this life are victims life remains the same not unless you change the pattern in life.

If you are not meeting the ideal man in your forties:  Are you the ideal woman?  Have you got lots of baggage?  Does your family or friends influence your dating?  You cannot get of the dating runway because you are carrying too much weight.  Are you too fussy, are you looking for a younger man than your years?  The younger man you are dating might just see you as a bit of excitement.  Are you dating men in a higher demographic employment or social circle than yourself, you do not really fit in with his lifestyle because he is constantly working long hours.  Your date finds you boring because you have not got anything interesting to say about yourself.

If the men who you have dated previously were of a higher educational standard than yourself possibly you would not be able to keep up with their conversation.

Does location come into your dating success?  It is important to date someone who lives not too far away.  At first life can seem like an adventure, a holiday when you go away a lot to spend time with your date.  At some point you are going to have to move to where he lives or he is going to have to move in with you.  One of you is going to have to sell one of your houses?  What happens with the money?  Is it party time?  When the party is over the money is spent it is possible you could end up being by yourself.  Does your man live with his Mum or in a bedsit; did I call him a man?  No more said.

Get to know your date:  Sometimes we might reject someone and not realise we have thrown away gold and later on picked up silver later on in our lives.  Give you’re date a chance.  Get to know him.  He might not tell you the full story of his life when you first meet him.  You might be making assumptions about him which are not true.

Does anyone know you are out there?  Without taking action nothing will happen.  You need to get out there and get noticed.  Do not frequent some seedy bar.  Sign up to a dating website, go out socializing with friend or family.  Get out there and take the dog for a walk.  Lots of men if they find you attractive will approach you because you have got a dog.  It is something to break the ice.

Being in control of the situation:  Do not drink too much on your date.  The man who is taking you out might look a lot better than what he actually is after a few glasses of wine.  Who wants to base a relationship upon drink?  Keep an eye upon your drink.  You do not want your drink laced with some date rape drug and not remember what happened on your date and end up with more than a bunch of flowers (you might end with flowers in hospital if you do not know what you done or what or why it happened).  Make your own way to meet your date and make sure you plan to make sure you can get home under your own steam.

Take a mobile and have it switched on (do not keep checking your text messages):  “How’s it going”, “What’s he like”?  If you keep responding to these texts I can tell you what he is going to be like ANOYED, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, IS IT MEN YOU ARE TALKING TO, IS THIS CHICK GOING TO PAY ME ANY ATTENTION?  HER DINNER IS GETTING COLD, SHE IS SO FLIPPING RUDE.

Do not get in his car with central locking in cars you might not get out again.  Leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

Have everything ready in advance.  I know how women are deliberating on what dress to wear.  Which shoes to wear?  Which hand bag to take?  Does my bum look big in this?  I do not know he will never see.  You have not got things prepared the night before.

Reading this article you might think I have had a terrible dating life.  No lots of the above relates to things other men have said to me about women they have been out with and their experiences.  Lots of scenarios relate to human nature, manners, courteously.  Dating and life is like Karma.  We reap the seeds we so.  Be a nice person and others will be nice to you.  If you run into someone who does not live their life by principles be strong enough to encounter them and tackle their selfish way of life and brush them to one side before they carry out any damage to you emotionally or physically.  When we leave this mortal coil we have done our best.

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