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Dating Website Checks Avoiding Scammers

Well you have been single for a while now, it is getting to that time of year about Valentine’s Day or Christmas or any other time of year and you are thinking about getting hooked up with someone.  You have decided to have a look at dating websites to see what is out there.

Imagine the scenario; you see this really hot looking lady or hot looking man.  Their profile sounds interesting.  They have got all the attributes you are looking for (Fantastic) they have got the same hobbies, interests as you.  They are in the same age group as you.

It is really important to avoid the scammers on dating websites.  It is the darker side of online dating.

Scammer’s post profiles, using stolen photographs of attractive women and men, asking for men women to contact them.  Letters e-mails are exchanged between the two until the scammer feels they have groomed the victim enough to ask for money. This might be for requests for airline tickets, medical expenses, education expenses etc.

There is always the promise that the fictitious female or male person will one day join him or her love in his country. The scam only ends when the victim realizes they are being scammed and stops sending money. Victims can be highly traumatized by this and are often very embarrassed and ashamed when they learn they have become a victim and will not report what has happened to them.

Online romance scams is a new form of cyber crime do not be another statistic, do not send “any” money to anyone on a dating website.  Do not fall for the sob stories, if you do you might be telling your own.  Thankfully on our site we have people checking for scammers however we cannot stop what you do offline or how you communicate with people online away from the dating website.

Google the person you are interested in Google their user name, do a quick search on a few social networking sites such as Facebook. Google the person’s real name.  You might be shocked by what you find.

This is not always a true indication of a person’s character, there is a really unsavoury character with the same name as me and so make sure you are doing.

The more difficult we make scammers jobs the better it will be because they might one day give up.