Meeting Guys online – Getting to know the man you have meet online

When meeting guys online you should trust your instincts and intuition if you think you are chatting to someone and they are too good to be true it is possible you are right.  A liar needs a good memory if he does not he will get caught out.

It is important you view more than one photograph of the guy you are chatting to online.  If the guy you have been chatting to is not genuine and he is not using a photograph he has of himself because he has stolen one from the internet then he will not meet your request to chat to him online or upload more photographs.

The guy who is a player.   A guy who is a pro at duping women online has tried attracting as women as he can by tailoring his dating profile to get the most interest.  The guy you are chatting to could possibly have scripts or notes about you, he might try to entice you into giving personal information about yourself which could be used to steal your identity.  They might try to work out when you are going to work or on holiday so that they can break into your house.

You ideally need someone who lives close to you so that you do not need to travel great distances to meet the guy you have meet online.  Some scammers will not want to meet you.  Some might use the excuse that they cannot afford the traveling cost and ask you to send them money.

Some men will have a lot of time to spare, they will use the excuse that they are always busy.  The reason for their preoccupation is because they are spending time with the wife and kids.  You will find that you can only get hold of him at certain times.  You will find the guy who says he is interested in you will not answer his phone or call you back.  It is possible he will have lots of network faults and he will have problems with his battery and mislay his phone all the time.

Some men are permanent singletons, they will never settle down.  They have been single for years.  You will find if it is choice to go out with you or play football, snooker or go fishing with their mates or go down the pub they will choose their mates.  These types of men players in all walks of life, they like to have a woman on their arm however they are unwilling to work to keep her.

Some guys are very lonely, there is nothing wrong with being lonely.  Some men are desperate they have been single for years and become like cable guys.  They phone you and you cannot get rid of them.  It is important not to get into this situation.  Have Hotmail or Yahoo account so that you can ditch it if someone is stalking you.  Do not invite a man around your house when you have just met him.  Do not give out your land line number.  Have a sim free phone so that you can ditch the sim if someone is making a nuisance of himself.  Contact the dating website and inform them that this man is constantly contacting you.  If necessary contact the police.

The mummy’s boy some man will not leave their mothers no matter what.  They will not commit to you.  Some mummy’s boys are scared to leave home away from the security of the family home.

Some Guys do not want to commit they just want to women for sex which is pretty obvious.  A lot of women when they go on a date with a man have been talking to online fall instantly for the man they have built up a relationship with and think they have built a relationship with this guy however they hardly know him.  It is important not to give him what he wants and make him wait if he has feelings for you he will wait and try to woo the woman if he really wants her.

It is important to take your time and get to know the guy you have meet online.  Do not rush into things.  It is important not to pander to a man’s whims if he demands money or sex when you have just met him.  Do not give too much information away and always meet the guy you have been chatting to offline in public place and let someone know where you are going.

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