Mature free and single dating – How to know if your date is free to date.

Mature free and singles are looking on the internet for love and romance.  On dating websites registration is free.  On our dating website it only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started.

Lots of mature free and single people are professionals, they have established themselves in their careers they have remained single and built up their careers and now made the choice to find love online.

More mature single people are now computer savvy they work in IT.  They use tablets, mobile devices to keep in touch with what is going on in the world and keep in touch with their families and friends.

How do you know if your date is free and single?

Availability – Is the person you are chatting to only available at certain times of the night or day?  Can they sometimes Free and single on the dance floor!sound cagey?  Someone who is unattached and wants to be contacted will always be available except during working business hours.

During holiday times your date is always busy.  He or she has something important to do which is more important than spending time with you.

Your date might be slow in responding to your text messages or phone calls, e-mails.

Your date once you have got to know him or her will not want to spend the night with you.

Physical signs if lying – When you cover some topics during your conversation does your date fidget and play with their hair and shuffle about.  Do they make it difficult to make eye contact?

Keeping your eyes and ears open – Is there evidence of where a wedding ring was such as ridge where the ring was or change in skin colour?  In your dates wallet or purse is there a photograph of kids or his or her wife.

Check out social media sites for evidence of pictures of holidays, family events.

Does your date only pay for things with cash so that his credit, debit card cannot be checked for evidence?

Does your date want to hide you away? – Does your date not want to take you to public places just in case he or she might be seen with you?  Does your date always want to take you away from the local area where he or she lives?

Dating website evidence he or she is cheating – Most dating websites encourage people to upload a dating profile picture, it increases the chance of you getting a date.  Your date however will avoid doing this because a lot of dating websites have on their home pages and other areas of the website potential matches.  No one who is married would want their photograph e-mailed to a member of their wife’s or husband’s family or friends with the message this person is a potential date and they live in your local area.

Occupations of a cheater – Lots of cheaters work long hours so that they can pay for the infidelity, they have occupations where they spend time away from home, and they might have an occupation in sales or management.

Precautionary note – If a cheater can cheat with you he or she cheats with someone else.  He or she is an opportunist, they have no morals.  They do not care that they will hurt friends, family, and children in their quest for fulfilling their sexual appetite.  The person you are dating married the person they are with because they felt happy content with them and they wanted to spend the rest of their days with them.  They have not been willing to work through the lows of the relationship they are in.  Your date may not have resolution conflict, communication skills to help them get through their relationship problems.

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