How do you find love once again

You might be one of those people who have focused on your career and now you want to enjoy life and share it with someone.  You might have gone through a stage of divorce, separated.

Why is dating so popular?  Because online dating works.

Does the science of compatibility matching work?  I do not know what I do know if someone wants something they will go all out to get it and a dating website is a good place to start.

If someone values something it is something they had to fight for. Take the opportunity to meet people from the comfort of your home.

Finding other people. You can perform a search and sort all people by age, location, interests and other factors.

I was talking to someone today, they said their friend was looking on a dating website, they come across an attractive ladies photo profile she thought she looked sophisticated with a glass of wine in her hand.  He thought they could share a drink together he was an alcoholic, the relationship did not last for long.  The moral of this story is you cannot change some people, how you see yourself and others see you are two different things.

Are you scared to fall in love again?

Whoever you meet will do not do same thing as the person who broke your heart.

You need to accept the pain and accept its over the faster you can do this the quicker you can move on.

You are not entering into marriage and do not let anyone push you into.  You are only entering into a relationship.  Take your time and enjoy the journey.

How do you visualise yourself in the future?  You need to visualise yourself with someone new and let go of the past.

You need to allow yourself to be loved for someone to love you.

Did your last partner cheat on you?

You never know you might meet someone who has been in the same boat as you.

Relationship should be based on trust.  You need to give yourself time to trust someone.  This can only be done by getting to know them and finding out more about their background from family and friends.

Getting help after a breakup 

It is important to chat to family and friends.  Most people know of people who have been through a breakup.

Make sure you do not become self centred and chat constantly about your breakup.

Coping with divorce

It is important to give yourself a bit of a break before entering into a new relationship.  You do not want to enter into a relationship on the rebound and wish you never got into it.

A divorce is a bit like a bereavement, the person is still out there who you have lost however you cannot be with them because they do not want to be with you or they have found someone else.

It is important to realise where your relationship went wrong before moving onto the next one.  If your ex had a criticism it might be valid.

It is important to remember you have a future by yourself or with someone else.

Lots of the time some people forget about other people affected by a breakup like your kids.  It is important not to jeopardise your relationship with them by bad mouthing your ex in front of them.

You may have been depressed for some time and not realised your depression was due to your relationship breakup however you never accepted it was over.  Now is the time to start again and think all of the arguing and sarcastic criticism is now over.