Flirting tips for mature daters

Flirting for mature daters – To get that connections with other singles we need to know the art of flirting without being seedy and crude, we do not want to scare the chicks away do we guys.  We do not want the guys to think you are easy prey for the guys looking for a woman to flirt with.

Flirting is all about communication with mature daters – It is fun flirting via e-mail, text message or talking to someone and flirting with them and getting feedback on how the react.

Make connection by chatting and mirroring body language.  Find funny things to say and see how he or she reacts.

Does he or she pay you compliments?  Pay him her or her genuine compliments without being crude or suggestive.

We say more than words, using body language when flirting – How we prepare for things, events in our lives indicate how much we care.  Make sure you dress smart for your date.  If you are a gentleman take some flowers.

Read your dates body language, how are the standing?  Do they occasionally touch you on the arm?  Do they mirror what you do?  Does your date cross their legs towards you?

Make eye contact, listen and hear what he or she is saying, interact with your date’s conversation.  Know what makes your date tick and talk about subjects you both enjoy.  Add humour to the conversation.

Display the confident you – Show you are confident a woman is going to want a man for all occasions someone who is not going to cower in a room of people.  She is going to want someone who is going to defend her.  A man is going to want a woman who holds her head high and can converse with people at all levels.  A man and woman want someone who they can feel proud to be seen out with.

Do not have any destination in mind when flirting, just enjoy flirting for what it is.