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Thinking about looking for love again

Have you been trying to go out with someone and they keep putting it off, you both get on however never of you have the time to meet up.  You both have to cancel at the last moment.

You both keep procrastinating about spending time together.  Your dating has lost the excitement for both of you.  If you were really keen you would have eventually meet up.

You have to accept you if you really wanted to you would have been keen to keep the appointment to meet up.

The relationship is not worth pursuing.

His or Her words of Love

If you are looking for love on a dating website you need to understand what some people mean when they say they love you.

What someone says and what some one does are two different things.

If someone loves you they will be there for you through thick and thin and I mean thin.

My partner is getting over cancer she has lost weight (This is where I mean thin).

You have got to be there when the times get tough, when someone needs encouragement to carry on.

Support them no matter what.

Understand as they get old so do we as well.  It might be our time onetime to call on the support of love ones.

A mother’s love is knows no boundaries.  Some mother’s will cover up for child’s heinous crimes.  I think this is stupidity and not love.

Sometimes people mistake love for passion, infatuation.  It is short lived, they think they have found love through the rebounds of a broken relationship.

Sometimes people fall in love with youth, someone younger seems attractive.  It can work however give it time, you might find the age gap becomes more apparent once you have got to know each othe