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Moving on after a relationship breakup

Have you tried going away together to try to repair your relationship or going out on date nights together?

After any breakup or situations which are painful the sooner you can accept it is over the quicker you will heal.

Do not think about things too obsessively.  If you have been together for some time there is a reason why your partner stayed with you.

Living with regret – If you could turn back the hands of time

You might of made the decision to split up with your man or woman, you might be thinking now you have made the wrong decisision there is nothing wrong with admitting your mistake however if you do this regularly you have serious problems.  You need to sort the problems out and repair the problems in your relationship.

Letting your heart heal without getting it broken too quickly again

Rushing into a new relationship if you have not sorted out your problems then you are destined to failure, you need to take a look at yourself and ask yourself:

Do you drink too much?

Do you spend too much?

Are you tight and do not like spending money?

Are you really boring?

Do you always want to stay in and do not want to go out?

Possibly you do not take care of yourself, perhaps you do need to get fit and get a new wardrobe?

If you are feeling depressed you might need to ask someone for help.  If you have been in a relationship for many years you might need a professional to help you with getting over your loss, you might need some sleeping tablets or anti-depressants.

Maintaining your dignity

Have dignity and do not beg for ex to come back.  It is important you do not phone them every five minutes or stalk them.

It is important not to seek revenge and look at what you can do give your ex as much grief as possible.